Recruiting and Employment in Shifting CFO Market

Craig Stocksleger is an experienced executive recruiter specializing in the placement of practiced capital markets professionals. In 2006, Craig Stocksleger started Comprehensive Recruiting, a full-service financial markets executive search firm based in Tempe, Arizona.

The Wall Street Journal recently featured an article exploring how recruiting has been impacted by shifts in the CFO market, including the increased preference for veteran CFOs and the growing number of CFOs retiring earlier. According to the article and research from Deloitte, CFO turnover is approximately 15 percent annually, and Peter Crist of Crist/Kolder Associates reports an unprecedented number of simultaneous CFO searches by large public companies. Crist also notes that the dwindling supply of experienced CFOs will continue to create supply-and-demand challenges as companies keep seeking to hire sitting CFOs.

For enterprises hoping to recruit a sitting CFO, Crist recommends that companies enhance their positioning in five categories, ranging from company culture to wealth creation. He also states that CFO candidates who aren’t sitting CFOs should engage in strategic career development by seeking operational experience and working in various areas like capital markets and Wall Street.


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